Frequently asked questions

What is Accent's Audio Description Product?

Accent's Audio Description product allows anyone to create audio voice-overs for any video. It was designed to streamline the process of adding audio narration to videos. With Accent, one does not need to hire voice talent or record themselves to get the audio files or have to go through audio mixing process afterwards.

How do I start?

1. Upload a video, which would then allow you to play and navigate it. 2. On desired timestamp, click "Add Row" to add a new row 3. Write the description - you can adjust the timestamp, edit text, change the speed (0.2 - 2.0 x), or add a note for yourself 4. Choose a voice for your narration using a selector on bottom right 5. Click "Generate" to generate the output video, which will show the output video with all the audio narrations in place 6. You can click "Download Video" to download the output video in original quality.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

We currently support the following shortcuts: ( left/right arrow) : navigate video ( space bar ) : pause video ( a ) : add a new row ( backspace ): delete selected row

How much does it cost?

You can generate the video to stream on the site as much as you want. The cost to download is $0.30 / min of video, with a miminimum total charge of $0.50.

None of these answer my question. Who can I ask?

Please contact us at

How does it work?

Accent uses Text-to-Speech technology to create audio narrations of the text you write. When you write your descriptions, they are voiced and added to the specified timestamps in the output video. Background audio track is automatically adjusted so that you can clearly hear the added narrations.

What file types are supported?

Currently we only officially support .mp4 files, but more extensions will be added over time.